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== PoC Report ==
== PoC Report ==
PoC Interim Report (2 July 2014): [http://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/NFV/PER/05-CONTRIBUTIONS/2014//NFVPER(14)000080__NFV_ISG_PoC_Report__Automated_Network_Orchestration.docx  NFVPER(14)000080__NFV_ISG_PoC_Report__Automated_Network_Orchestration.docx]
PoC Report (2 July 2014): [http://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/NFV/PER/05-CONTRIBUTIONS/2014//NFVPER(14)000080__NFV_ISG_PoC_Report__Automated_Network_Orchestration.docx  NFVPER(14)000080__NFV_ISG_PoC_Report__Automated_Network_Orchestration.docx]

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PoC Team

Deutsche Telekom


x-ion GmbH

Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories

Main Contact

Christoph Meyer, Ericsson christoph.meyer@ericsson.com

PoC Demo

Telekom T-Labs OpenStack Reference Lab, Berlin, Germany


This PoC proves that infrastructure and SW deployment can be unbundled. All critical resources of the categories compute, store and connectivity are orchestrated and exposed in a virtualized way to the Telco service ensuring both an efficient resource utilization and reduced complexity. The orchestration function is model driven to ease and automate the establishment of the necessary networks, and one of the central software components is OpenStack, open source software for cloud computing. An SDN controller is used to define network connectivity. The usage of those technologies lead to the novelty that multi-tenancy instantiations can be automatically deployed and low level network addressing within the same data center can be reused.

PoC Proposal


UPDATED proposal (02/07/2014): NFVPER(14)000014r2__NFV_ISG_PoC_Proposal__Automated_Network_Orchestration.docx

PoC Report

PoC Report (2 July 2014): NFVPER(14)000080__NFV_ISG_PoC_Report__Automated_Network_Orchestration.docx