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1 Solution information

Solution Name OpenStack with Keystone V3
Description ETSI-registered VIM Connection Info defining the interface and access parameters to use an OpenStack-based VIM with Keystone V2, to be signaled via the APIs specified in ETSI GS NFV-SOL 003. Keystone is used for access control to the VIM interfaces.
Specification URI

2 Registration information

Registrant name ETSI ISG NFV

3 Requested vimType identifier

Registrant VIM Name Version

4 JSON schema definition of "interfaceInfo"

Purpose: Provides information about the interface or interfaces to the VIM, such as the URI of an interface endpoint to communicate with the VIM.

JASON Code Here

5 JSON schema definition of "accessInfo"

Purpose: Provides authentication credentials for accessing the VIM, and other access-related information such as tenants or infrastructure resource groups.

JSON Code here

6 JSON schema definition of "extra"

Purpose: Provides optional additional VIM type specific information.

not specified