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[https://nfvwiki.etsi.org/images/5.NFV%2817%29000260r1_NFV_19_SPECFEST_CTI_presentation.pdf 2&3. Material] / [https://youtu.be/YXO0R61Dcg8 Webinar(youtube)]
[https://nfvwiki.etsi.org/images/5.NFV%2817%29000260r1_NFV_19_SPECFEST_CTI_presentation.pdf 2&3. Material] / [https://youtu.be/YXO0R61Dcg8 Webinar(youtube)]
[https://nfvwiki.etsi.org/images/6.NFV%2817%29000263_NFV_19_SpecFest_demo_Nokia.pdf 4. Material]
[https://nfvwiki.etsi.org/images/6.NFV%2817%29000263_NFV_19_SpecFest_demo_Nokia.pdf 4. Material] / [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Q0Qcy9KiDc Webinar(youtube)]
[https://nfvwiki.etsi.org/images/7.NFV%2817%29000254r2_ETSI_NFV_19_SpecFest_Looking_Forward.pdf 5. Material]
[https://nfvwiki.etsi.org/images/7.NFV%2817%29000254r2_ETSI_NFV_19_SpecFest_Looking_Forward.pdf 5. Material]

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Invitation to ETSI NFV Tutorials & Specfest

  • The 19th plenary meeting of the ETSI NFV-ISG will be held at the Sheraton Denver Tech Center Hotel, Denver-Colorado, September 12- 15, 2017.
  • On Monday September 11 (2:00 – 6:00pm(U.S. Mountain Time)), a special tutorial session will be held.
  • Attendance is free of charge. Both ETSI and non-ETSI member are welcome. No need to register with the ETSI NFV-ISG meeting.
  • Remote participation via GoToMeeting will be possible.


  1. To access to NFV#19 - Tutorial & Specfest and register. Or,
  2. To send an e-mail to:
    • Tetsuya Nakamura, CableLabs
    • t.nakamura[at]cablelabs.com


Time Topic Details Presentation
2:00 - 2:15pm


Perspective from the Cable Industry (by CableLabs)


2:15 - 3:45pm

Tutorial Session

  1. ETSI NFV Work Program (by ETSI NFV TSC)
    • Overview
      • Key milestones
      • Release highlights
    • NFV Release 2 maintenance update
    • NFV Release 3 ongoing work
  2. ETSI NFV Concepts and MANO Details (by ETSI NFV IFA WG)
    1. ETSI NFV Concepts
      • Main Management and Orchestration concepts
      • VNF overview
      • VNF Package and VNF Descriptor
    2. Virtual Network Function (VNF) Lifecycle Management (LCM)
      • Managing the VNF lifecycle
    3. Network Service (NS) LCM
      • NS overview
      • NS LCM interface
    4. NS Descriptor (NSD) and VNF Package interfaces
      • NSD overview
      • NSD and VNF Package interfaces
  3. Key point

1. Material

2. Material

3. Material

3:45 - 4:00pm


4:00 - 6:00pm

NFV APIs Specfest Session

  1. The NFV REST APIs overview (by ETSI NFV SOL WG)
    • VNF Management towards NFV Orchestrator
    • VNF Management towards EM/VNF
    • Network Service Management and VNF onboarding towards OSS/BSS
  2. OpenAPI language and tools overview (by ETSI CTI)
  3. Hands-on on the ETSI forge, how to collaborate on OpenAPIs (by ETSI CTI)
    • Contribute an OpenAPI description of SOL specs to the Forge
    • Learn how to use the online editor
  4. The NFV REST APIs in practice (by Nokia)
    • VNF Life Cycle Management testing based on OpenAPI files: a live demo
  5. Future steps (by ETSI NFV SOL WG)

1. Material

2&3. Material / Webinar(youtube)

4. Material / Webinar(youtube)

5. Material


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