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(PoC Report)
(PoC Report)
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== PoC Report ==
== PoC Report ==
Final PoC Report (09/032016): [https://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/NFV/TST/05-CONTRIBUTIONS/2016/NFVTST%2816%29000036_Final_Report_for_POC_38.zip NFVTST%2816%29000036_Final_Report_for_POC_38.zip]
Final PoC Report (09/032016): [https://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/NFV/TST/05-CONTRIBUTIONS/2016/NFVTST%2816%29000036_Final_Report_for_POC_38.zip NFVTST(16)000036_Final_Report_for_POC_38.zip]
[[media:NFV_ISG_PoC#38_Report.pdf | Download PDF version]]
[[media:NFV_ISG_PoC38_Report.pdf | Download PDF version]]

Latest revision as of 13:26, 10 March 2016

PoC Team



Alcatel Lucent

F5 Networks

Main Contact

Higgs, Jeff Higgs, HP jeff.higgs@hp.com

Marie-Paule Odini, HP marie-paule.odini@hp.com

PoC Demo

The PoC network environment will be hosted and presented at Telstra Integration Laboratory, 45 Barry Street Carlton, Victoria.

NFV POC ZONE 2016 - Dusseldorf - October 2015

PoC Proposal


Hot Topics

This PoC is WORKING on Hot Topics:

This PoC has CONTRIBUTED to Hot Topics:

PoC Report

Final PoC Report (09/032016): NFVTST(16)000036_Final_Report_for_POC_38.zip

Download PDF version