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(Submitting a PoC Proposal Media:Example.oggaddressing a Hot Topic)
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= Submitting a PoC Proposal [[Media:Example.ogg]]addressing a Hot Topic =
= Submitting a PoC Proposal addressing a Hot Topic =

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The NFV HoT Topics concept has been created tom complement the NFV PoC Framework with the following aspects:

• Improve the connection of NFV ISG specs with practical implementations in general and proofs of concept in particular.

• Enhance the relevance of PoC contributions to ISG objectives.

• Identify common concerns of different NFV ISG Working groups and focus on insights that might be useful to move forward.

Learn more on NFV Hot Topics

Current Hot Topics

The following Hot Topics are currently active in the ISG NFV

Submitting a Hot Topic proposal

Submitting a PoC Proposal addressing a Hot Topic