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The NFV HoT Topics concept has been created tom complement the NFV PoC Framework with the following aspects:

• Improve the connection of NFV ISG specs with practical implementations in general and proofs of concept in particular.

• Enhance the relevance of PoC contributions to ISG objectives.

• Identify common concerns of different NFV ISG Working groups and focus on insights that might be useful to move forward.

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Current Hot Topics

The following Hot Topics are currently active in the ISG NFV

Submitting a Hot Topic proposal

1. Any ISG NFV Work Item or Working Group can identify and submit a Hot Topic proposal on a subject where insights from practical experiences would be helpful.

2. In order to do so, the WI (or the WG as a whole) creates a formal proposal for that hot topic, including the description of the topic, the points that are expected to be proven/refuted by NFV ISG PoCs, and the specific information that it is expected to be provided by the PoC team to document its findings. That description should follow the template below.

3. The hot topic proposal is discussed in a meeting of the corresponding WG. The WG may consider joining several hot topic proposals in one in order to avoid duplicate efforts. 4. Once accepted at WG level, the hot topic proposal is brought to the attention of the TSC in order to: a. Create awareness on the hot topic in other WGs b. Check if there are duplicities with other hot topic proposals and suggest their consolidation if needed. c. Check the formal completeness of the hot topic proposal with respect to the template. This task may be delegated to TST WG chairs and ETSI CTI if needed. d. Check that at least one service provider is endorsing the proposal, according to the template. The hot topic might be brought by the TSC to the attention of the NOC in order to improve awareness among network operators as potential supporters. e. Optionally, add comments to the hot topic description (see section 3). E.g. an estimation of its priority for the ISG work programme. 5. Once discussed and accepted at TSC level, the hot topic will be made available to the PoC teams at the current NFV PoCs wiki ( The update will be also announced to the PoC mailing list. 6. The description of an existing hot topic can be updated following the same steps. Once updated, concerned PoCs should be informed.

Submitting a PoC Proposal addressing a Hot Topic