Mapping ETSI-NFV onto Multi-Vendor, Multi-Domain Transport SDN

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PoC Team




NEC/ Netcracker







SM Optics

Main Contact

Hiroshi Dempo, NEC/Netcracker,

PoC Demo

The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) March 2017


In ETSI-NFV, IFA022 studies connectivity service instantiations between different NFVI-PoPs for the Network Service Life Cycle Management. The use cases are represented by multiple sites, hosting NFVI-POPs, which are interconnected over a Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure. In this context, a Network Service, which is a composition of Virtual Network Functions, is instantiated by the interactions among OSS/BSS, NFVO, WIM/VIM, and Network Controllers. The current IFA022 analyses the interactions among OSS/BSS, NFVO, WIM/VIM with reference to the current ETSI-NFV standards specifications, but it also needs external examples and references about the interactions with Network Controller and underlying WAN infrastructure in order to understand, identify and specify the requirements of the WIM, which may not be obvious within the existing scope of IFA022. This becomes all the more relevant as the multi-site Network Service composition requirements comes from the MANO components above the WIM. Moreover, the connectivity properties in the underlying transport network may need to be exposed to the NFVO and hence the OSS/BSS.

In view of the above considerations, the objective of this PoC is to demonstrate a connectivity life cycle management with SDN-based Network Controllers over WAN interconnections that are interfaced with the WIM. As shown in the proposal, the PoC is architecturally configured by a network controller, interfacing with WIM, and Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure. The WAN interconnects multiple ETSI-NFV sites. Based on this PoC it is expected to gain valuable experiences that will enable us to not only derive the requirements on WIM towards the Network controller but also derive requirements on WIM from/towards the NFV-MANO functional components.

PoC Proposal

Download PDF version

PoC Report

PoC Report (17 May 2017): NFVTST(17)000096_PoC_42_Final_Report_Mapping_ETSI-NFV_onto_Multi-Vendor__Mult.docx

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