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The following DRAFTs are working documents of ETSI ISG NFV. They are provided for information only and are still under development within ETSI ISG NFV. DRAFTS may be updated, deleted, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time.

ETSI and its Members accept no liability for any further use/implementation of the following DRAFTs. Do not use as reference material. Do not cite these documents other than as "work in progress".

To report feedback on a public DRAFT, use the associated NFV issue tracker sub-project.

34 Work Items Dates in bold blue = current status Dates in bold red = next status date is past (late!). Reference NFV-EVE001 "Hypervisor Rqmts spec"

NFV-EVE002 "MEF Use Cases report"

NFV-EVE003 "NFVI Node Arch report"

NFV-EVE004 "Virtualisation technologies Report"

NFV-EVE005 "SDN usage in NFV Report"

NFV-IFA001 "Acceleration 1 - UCs report"

NFV-IFA002 "Acceleration 2 - VNF Intface Spec"

NFV-IFA003 "Acceleration 3 - vSwitch Spec"

NFV-IFA004 "Acceleration 4 - Mgmt aspects Spec"

NFV-IFA005 "Or-Vi ref point Spec"

NFV-IFA006 "Vi-Vnfm ref point Spec"

NFV-IFA007 "Or-Vnfm ref point Spec"

NFV-IFA008 "Ve-Vnfm ref point Spec"

NFV-IFA009 "MANO architectural options report"

NFV-IFA010 "MANO Functional Rqmts Spec"

NFV-IFA011 "VNF Packaging Spec"

NFV-IFA012 "Os-Ma-Nfvo ref point Spec - svc mgmt & info model"

NFV-IFA013 "Os-Ma-Nfvo ref point Spec - info model"

NFV-IFA014 "Network Service Templates Specification"

NFV-REL002 "Scalable Arch for Reliability Report"

NFV-REL003 "E2E reliability models report"

NFV-REL004 "Active monitoring & failure detection report"

NFV-SEC002 "Security features in mgmt sofware report"

NFV-SEC004 "LI report"

NFV-SEC005 "Certificate mgmt report"

NFV-SEC006 "Sec & Regulation report"

NFV-SEC007 "NFV Attestation report"

NFV-SEC008 "Security Monitoring report"

NFV-SEC009 "UCs for multi-layer host admin"

NFV-TST001 "Pre-deployment Validation report"

NFV-TST002 "Iop Testing Methodology report"

Approved and PUBLISHED deliverables shall be obtained via the ETSI Standards search page at: