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(Hot Topics)
(Hot Topics)
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== Hot Topics ==
== Hot Topics ==
This PoC has <span style="color:red;">'''CONTRIBUTED to Hot Topic: [[Hot Topics|HT#1]] ''' </span>
This PoC has <span style="color:red;">'''CONTRIBUTED to Hot Topic: [[Hot Topics|HT#1 (EVE) Use of SDN in NFV architecture]] ''' </span>

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PoC Team










Main Contact

Evelyne Roch, Huawei evelyne.roch@huawei.com

PoC Demo

Stage 1: Video URL will be made available in August 2014

Stage 2: SDN and OpenFlow World Congress, 14-17 October 2014

Stage 3: Industry event in 1Q 2015 to be confirmed


The main purposes of this PoC are to demonstrate the benefits of Hardware Acceleration in NFV environments and to identify detailed requirements for a Hardware Abstraction Layer to enable portability across different Hardware Acceleration platforms.

The benefits of Hardware Acceleration include an increase in performance, better resource utilization and cost reduction for some Network Functions. This PoC accelerates the following functions as examples of functions that can benefit from Hardware Acceleration: Load Balancing, IKE (Internet Key Exchange), Encryption and Video Transcoding.

This PoC consists of multiple stages demonstrating increasing levels of complexity of integration of Hardware Acceleration solutions from different vendors demonstrating Dynamic Optimization of Packet Flow Routing for Network Intensive Functions to dynamic Service Chaining. The PoC can form the basis for future Open Source and Standardization work in the definition of a Hardware Abstraction Layer.

PoC Proposal


UPDATED proposal (15/08/2014): NFVPER(14)000078r6_PoC_Proposal_-_Network_Intensive_and_Compute_Intensive_Hardw.docx

PoC Report

Interim Report (18/11/2014): NFVPER(14)000111__PoC_21_Interim_Report_-_Network_Intensive_and_Compute_Inten.docx

Hot Topics

This PoC has CONTRIBUTED to Hot Topic: HT#1 (EVE) Use of SDN in NFV architecture