Non MANO artifact sets

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This is the ETSI NFV SOL Registry for non-MANO artifact sets. Non-MANO artifact sets are sets of artifacts in a VNF packaged intended for use by functional blocks beyond NFV-MANO. Further information on non-MANO artifact sets is available in ETSI GS NFV-SOL 004.

Public Identifiers
Artifact Set Name Artifact Set Identifier Description Specification Reference Registration form
onap_ves_events onap_ves_events contains VES registration files ONAP WIKI Link
onap_pm_dictionary onap_pm_dictionary contains the PM dictionary files ONAP WIKI Link
onap_yang_modules onap_yang_modules contains Yang module files for configurations ONAP WIKI Link
onap_ansible_playbooks onap_ansible_playbooks contains any ansible playbooks ONAP WIKI Link
onap_pnf_sw_information onap_pnf_sw_information contains PNF software version ONAP WIKI Link
onap_others onap_others contains any other non-MANO artifacts, e.g. informational documents ONAP WIKI Link
Private Identifiers
Artifact Set Name Artifact Set Identifier Registration form
Example Name prv.mycompany.example_identifier Example Link

To register a non-MANO artifact set, the following template must be filled and submitted to template

The full process for creating and modifying information in this registry is described in annex B of ETSI GS NFV-SOL 004.