Service Chaining for NW Function Selection in Carrier Networks

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PoC Team




Juniper Networks

Main Contact

Kazufumi Yogo, NTT

PoC Demo

NTT Laboratory Musashino (Tokyo Japan)

NTT R&D Forum 2014, 13-14 February, 2014 at Musashino-City, Tokyo Japan.

ETSI NFV PoC ZONE @ SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, 14-17 October 2014, Düsseldorf

PoC Proposal


Download PDF version

PoC Report

PoC Interim Report (12 May 2014): NFVPER(14)000066_PoC_Interim_Report_Service_Chaining_for_NW_Function_Selectio.docx

Hot Topics

This PoC has CONTRIBUTED to Hot Topic: HT#1 (EVE) Use of SDN in NFV architecture