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== PoC Report ==
== PoC Report ==
PoC Interim Report (25 July 2014): [http://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/NFV/Closed_WGs/PER/05-CONTRIBUTIONS/2014/NFVPER(14)000087_NFG_ISG_PoC_Interim_Report_Subscriber_Aware_Gi_LAN.docx NFVPER(14)000087_NFG_ISG_PoC_Interim_Report_Subscriber_Aware_Gi_LAN.docx]
PoC Interim Report (25 July 2014): [http://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/NFV/Closed_WGs/PER/05-CONTRIBUTIONS/2014/NFVPER(14)000087_NFG_ISG_PoC_Interim_Report_Subscriber_Aware_Gi_LAN.docx NFVPER(14)000087_NFG_ISG_PoC_Interim_Report_Subscriber_Aware_Gi_LAN.docx]
PoC Final Report (18 February 2015): [http://docbox.etsi.org/ISG/NFV/TST/05-CONTRIBUTIONS/2015/NFVTST(15)000010_Final_Report__PoC_15_Subscriber_Aware_SGi_Gi-LAN_Virtualizat.docx NFVTST(15)000010_Final_Report__PoC_15_Subscriber_Aware_SGi_Gi-LAN_Virtualizat.docx]

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PoC Team



SkyFire Networks



Main Contact

Ajay Sahai, ConteXtream Ajay.Sahai@Contextream.com

PoC Demo

Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco, US (Sep 9-11, 2014)

ETSI NFV PoC ZONE @ SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, 15-17 October 2014, Dusseldorf, Germany


This PoC demonstrates both the feasibility and value of a subscriber-aware SDN solution in the Gi-LAN portion of the mobile operator network. The implementation is based on a (software) switch that can be programmed on a per endpoint (subscriber) basis by a SDN controller. By programming the switch in this fashion the SDN controller can ensure that traffic flows for each subscriber are chained through available virtual or physical network functions (PNF). Further, in this PoC the SDN Controller determines the VNF Graph/Service Function Path (SFP) dynamically when a new subscriber traffic flow is detected; and the traffic-forwarding path through the virtual network is not determined at the time the VNFs are installed. The actual VNFs that are chained for a given subscriber are chosen from a resource pool of available instances of each VNF type. The choice is based on a combination of factors including – PCRF input for subscriber policy, available functions and their utilization levels etc. By leveraging SDN in this manner, this PoC shows that a SDN controller working with a suitable switch (that supports a high number of OpenFlow rules, throughput and OpenFlow transactions/sec) in the Gi-LAN can distribute subscriber traffic across available VNF/PNF (effectively providing load balancing) and also help traffic cope with fault conditions.

PoC Proposal


Download PDF version

PoC Report

PoC Interim Report (25 July 2014): NFVPER(14)000087_NFG_ISG_PoC_Interim_Report_Subscriber_Aware_Gi_LAN.docx

PoC Final Report (18 February 2015): NFVTST(15)000010_Final_Report__PoC_15_Subscriber_Aware_SGi_Gi-LAN_Virtualizat.docx