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(Main Contact)
(Main Contact)
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Ramki Krishnan, Brocade [mailto:ramk@BROCADE.COM ramk@BROCADE.COM]
Ramki Krishnan, Brocade [mailto:ramk@BROCADE.COM ramk@BROCADE.COM]
updated to: Ridha Hamidi, Brocade [mailto:rhamidi@Brocade.com rhamidi@Brocade.com]
'''Updated on 12/04/2015 to: Ridha Hamidi, Brocade [mailto:rhamidi@Brocade.com rhamidi@Brocade.com]'''
== PoC Demo ==
== PoC Demo ==

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PoC Team






Main Contact

Ramki Krishnan, Brocade ramk@BROCADE.COM

Updated on 12/04/2015 to: Ridha Hamidi, Brocade rhamidi@Brocade.com

PoC Demo

PoC is planned to be hosted in Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. San Jose, California, USA and in Intel’s Comms. Infrastructure Solutions lab in Hillsboro, Oregon

PoC demo target: SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, Germany - October 2014

PoC Proposal


UPDATED proposal (22/10/2014): NFVPER(14)000065a3_VNF_Router_Performance_with_Hierarchical_Quality_of_Service_.doc

UPDATED proposal (19/02/2015): NFVTST(15)000023_NFV_ISG_PoC_Proposal__VNF_Router_Performance_with_Hierarchic.doc

UPDATED proposal (12/04/2015): NFVTST(15)000023a2_NFV_ISG_PoC_Proposal__VNF_Router_Performance_with_Hierarchic.doc