E2E vEPC Orchestration in a multi-vendor open NFVI environment

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PoC Team





Red Hat



Main Contact

Shivani A Sud, Intel Shivani.a.sud@intel.com

PoC Demo

Mobile World Congress, 24-28 Feb 2014, Barcelona, Spain

ETSI NFV PoC ZONE @ SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, 14-17 October 2014, Düsseldorf


E2E vEPC Orchestration in an multi-vendor open NFVI environment PoC collaboration of Intel, Cyan Networks, Red Hat, DELL and Connectem – and co-sponsored by operators Telefonica and Sprint.

This PoC, demonstrates an open NFVI ecosystem comprised of multiple vendors with a single orchestrator to provision, deploy and manage a mobile network-service comprised of a vEPC deployed on COTS hardware infrastructure and a Layer2 mobile backhaul network. This PoC will help identify the core requirements and information model structures that are required to support this open and flexible approach.

PoC Proposal


Download PDF version.

PoC Report

PoC Report (28 July 2014): NFVPER(14)000088__NFV_POC___NFV_ISG_PoC_Report__-_E2E_vEPC_Orchestration_in_a.docx