ForCES Applicability for NFV and integrated SDN

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PoC Team



Mojatatu Networks

Cumulus Networks

University of Patras

Main Contact

Jamal Hadi Salim, Mojatatu Networks

PoC Demo

BitsNBites event during the 90th IETF, July 24th 2014, Toronto, Canada


This PoC demonstrated the applicability of IETF’s ForCES framework to NFV. The ForCES model was utilized to describe VNFs, services and the infrastructure definition in a clear, formal and concise approach. Different vendor equipment and software was used to realize the demo.

PoC Proposal


PoC Report

PoC Interim Report (17/11/2014): NFV%2814%29000304_Report_ForCES_Applicability_for_NFV_and_integrated_SDN.docx

Hot Topics

This PoC has CONTRIBUTED to Hot Topic: HT#1 (EVE) Use of SDN in NFV architecture