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NFV-I Platform Capability Registry Governance Process

Process Overview

The registry is managed by the Solutions working group (SOL WG), part of the ETSI Industry Specification Group NFV (ISG NFV).

Registry requests submission

Registry requests for creation, modification, deprecation or deletion of registry entries shall be made using the prescribed template and submitted to NFVSupport@etsi.org.

NOTE: Registry requests may be submitted by anyone. Submission is not limited to ISG NFV Members or ISG NFV Participants.

The prescribed template is available at template

Requests for creation, modification, deprecation or deletion of “company specific” registry entries in the registry shall be submitted by a representative of that company.

NOTE: “company specific” entries are those where the “hardware” field is not set to “generic”

Registry requests processing

The SOL WG is responsible for review and disposition of all requests to create, modify, deprecate or delete registry entries. Requests are handled as other contributions submitted to the SOL WG.

The decisions taken as a result of the requests review and their motivations are made publicly available.

Registrants can participate in the decisions by attending the reviews if they represent an ISG NFV Member or Participant and may be invited otherwise for presenting and answering questions on their requests.

Maintaining the relationship to ETSI specifications

Current platform capability categories are defined as part of the ETSI GS NFV-IFA 011 specification, and are mapped to TOSCA data types and YANG as part of ETSI GS NFV-SOL 001 and ETSI GS NFV-SOL 006 specifications respectively.

The Rapporteurs of the corresponding work items are responsible for identifying whether new versions of these deliverables require changes to the registry structure.