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Many regulatory authorities require operators to provide Lawful Interception capabilities. This Hot Topic aims to drive:

  • Understanding the impact of virtualisation on the regulatory requirements of Lawful Interception
  • Exploration of architectures and designs to allow Lawful Interception capabilities to be provided in NFV deployments
  • Proofs of Concept(s) to show Lawful Interception capabilities in conjunction with NFV

Specifically in terms of the key issues for LI, we would like to see PoCs address the problem of providing a secure platform to host sensitive workloads.

It is fundamental to the success of NFV that industry is able to offer viable solutions to these challenges.

NFV-critical functionality (for example LI) is dependent on both:

  1. Administrative isolation: creating two layers of administration functionality for a given workload+host combination, where no leakage of information from one layer to the other is possible.
  2. Secured execution: delivering confidentiality and integrity of instructions and data within an area of process space based on a hardware root-of-trust.

HT#4 (SEC) Lawful Interception



What is expected to be learnt from the NFV PoCs

Points to prove/refute

  • How does virtualisation impact the requirements for Lawful Interception?
  • What impacts are there on NFV deployments in terms of:
    • Performance
    • Management
    • Security
  • What other impacts may exist?

Criterion of success

  • Presentation of architectures to provide Lawful Interception capabilities that are acceptable to Law Enforcement Agencies and deployable by operators

Technical information to be provided by the PoC Team

  • Description of how requirements in SEC009 are met
  • Overall architecture and use case descriptions
  • Specifics on the issues faced
  • Specifics on the solutions provided
  • Specifics on the lessons learnt

PoC Teams shall follow the HT#4 Feedback Template on their contributions to Hot Topic#4

Concerned WGs/WI


SEC004 - Lawful Interception Implications - Latest draft

SEC009 - Use cases and technical approaches for multi-layer host administration - Latest draft


SEC WG co-chair: Mike Bursell (Intel)

Contributions (feedback) deadline

Q2 2016