Multi-Vendor on-boarding of vIMS on a cloud management framework

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PoC Team

Deutsche Telekom

Huawei Technologies


Main Contact

Sivan Barzilay, Alcatel-Lucent

PoC Demo

Lab of Deutsche Telekom, Darmstadt

Remote Demo (Webinar) on 23rd April 2014 (delayed to 30th April)


This NFV POC demonstrates the integration of an IMS application provided by Huawei, with the CloudBand Platform provided by Alcatel-Lucent over a standard cloud infrastructure implemented in Deutsche Telekom facilities. The NFV POC demonstrates automated on-boarding of VNFs provided by a single vendor and its integration into NFVI (NFV Infrastructure) in a multi-vendor setup. VNF deployment and Service instantiation is automatic, demonstrating decoupling of VNF associated software instances from the underlying infrastructure. The CMS (cloud management system) is able to allocate the required resources of the VNFs running on top of NFVI. The demonstration includes Auto Scaling of the virtualised network functions and recovery (Automated Healing) from a system fault.

PoC Proposal


Download PDF version.

PoC Report

PoC Report (19/05/2014): NFVPER(14)000069_NFV_POC_Report_-_Multi-Vendor_on-boarding_of_vIMS_on_a_cloud.docx