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An open NFV ecosystem enables rapid service innovation for Network Operators and Service Providers. Innovation in end-to-end services is enabled by software-based deployment and operationalization of virtualized network functions on independently deployed and operated NFV infrastructure platforms.
The ISG’s mission is to facilitate the development of an open NFV ecosystem through implementation and deployment experience. As the focal-point for the NFV ecosystem, the ISG maintains core NFV documentation as well as liaison relationships with other specialist SDOs and industry alliances contributing technology or applying NFV concepts within their specializations. The ISG documentation and related open source implementations provide the technology platform underlying the NFV ecosystem, enabling open innovation in the design of VNFs and end-to-end network services composed from them. As the focal point for the NFV ecosystem, the ISG provides direction for NFV related messaging, conferences and events as well as proactively fostering continuing innovation in the NFV concept in academic research communities.
A diverse global community collaboratively pooling our skills and experience encourages growth of an open NFV ecosystem. The NFV ecosystem should be open to innovation and diverse competitive business models including silicon and device manufacturers, software developers of infrastructure and virtualized network functions, test and integration services, new flexible Network Operator/Service Provider business models, etc. The NFV ecosystem regularly using on-line tools and a spirit of collaboration that convenes a conference style plenary with frequency and focus designed to maximize cross disciplinary industry learning will help the industry network more efficiently and reduce travel. This NFV ecosystem is expected to deliver improvements in operational and capital efficiency as well as reduced power usage for the Network Operator. Implementation (including open source software communities), deployment experience in the NFV ecosystem, Proof of Concept activities, and use cases from Network Operators and Service Providers, promote convergence in industry requirements.

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