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The NFV Issue Tracker allows anyone to report feedback on the NFV Public DRAFTs available in the NFV Open Area.

Each Public Draft has an associated Issue Tracker project. To access the appropriate one just click on the direct links listed in the table below:

[You will first have to login with your EOL account, or create yourself an account (see instructions further down)]

Draft Reference Scope & schedule Direct link to Issue Tracker
NFV001 edition311 "NFV Use Cases" NFV001 edition311 details NFV001 edition311 issue tracker
EVE001 "Hypervisor Rqmts spec" EVE001 details EVE001 issue tracker
EVE002 "MEF Use Cases report" EVE002 details EVE002 issue tracker
EVE003 "NFVI Node Arch report" EVE003 details EVE003 issue tracker
EVE004 "Virtualisation technologies Report" EVE004 details EVE004 issue tracker
EVE005 "SDN usage in NFV Report" EVE005 details EVE005 issue tracker
EVE007 "NFVI Hw rqmts spec" EVE007 details
EVE008 "Charging and Billing report" EVE008 details
EVE009 "E2E Process Descriptions report" EVE009 details
IFA001 "Acceleration 1 - UCs report" IFA001 details IFA001 issue tracker
IFA002 "Acceleration 2 - VNF Intface Spec" IFA002 details IFA002 issue tracker
IFA002 edition221 "Acceleration - VNF Intface Spec" IFA002 ed221 details use IFA002 issue tracker (above)
IFA003 "Acceleration 3 - vSwitch Spec" IFA003 details IFA003 issue tracker
IFA004 "Acceleration 4 - Mgmt aspects Spec" IFA004 details IFA004 issue tracker
IFA005 "Or-Vi ref point Spec" IFA005 details IFA005 issue tracker
IFA006 "Vi-Vnfm ref point Spec" IFA006 details IFA006 issue tracker
IFA007 "Or-Vnfm ref point Spec" IFA007 details IFA007 issue tracker
IFA008 "Ve-Vnfm ref point Spec" IFA008 details IFA008 issue tracker
IFA009 "MANO architectural options report" IFA009 details IFA009 issue tracker
IFA010 "MANO Functional Rqmts Spec" IFA010 details IFA010 issue tracker
IFA010 edition221 "MANO Functional Rqmts Spec" IFA010 ed221 details use IFA010 issue tracker (above)
IFA011 "VNF Packaging Spec" IFA011 details IFA011 issue tracker
IFA012 "Os-Ma-Nfvo ref point Spec - svc mgmt & info model" IFA012 details IFA012 issue tracker
IFA013 "Os-Ma-Nfvo ref point Spec - info model" IFA013 details IFA013 issue tracker
IFA014 "Network Service Templates Specification" IFA014 details IFA014 issue tracker
IFA015 "NFV Information Model Report" IFA015 details IFA015 issue tracker
IFA016 "Papyrus Guidelines" IFA016 details IFA016 issue tracker
IFA017 "UML Modeling Guidelines" IFA017 details IFA017 issue tracker
IFA018 "Acceleration Intface Spec" IFA018 details IFA018 issue tracker
IFA019 "Resource Mgmt Acceleration @ Nf-Vi - Spec" IFA019 details IFA019 issue tracker
IFA020 "NFVO decomposition options report" IFA020 details IFA020 issue tracker
IFA021 "MANO and automated deployment report" IFA021 details IFA021 issue tracker
IFA022 "Multi-Site Services report" IFA022 details IFA022 issue tracker
IFA023 "Policy Mgmt in MANO report" IFA023 details IFA023 issue tracker
REL002 "Scalable Arch for Reliability Report" REL002 details REL002 issue tracker
REL003 "E2E reliability models report" REL003 details REL003 issue tracker
REL004 "Active monitoring & failure detection report" REL004 details REL004 issue tracker
REL005 "Quality Accountability Framework" REL005 details REL005 issue tracker
REL006 "SW Upgrade spec" REL006 details REL006 issue tracker
REL007 "MANO resilience report" REL007 details REL007 issue tracker
REL008 "Error Handling report" REL08 details REL08 issue tracker
SEC002 "Security features in mgmt sofware report" SEC002 details SEC002 issue tracker
SEC003 Security and Trust Guidance SEC003 details SEC003 issue tracker
SEC004 "LI report" SEC004 details SEC004 issue tracker
SEC005 "Certificate mgmt report" SEC005 details SEC005 issue tracker
SEC006 "Sec & Regulation report" SEC006 details SEC006 issue tracker
SEC007 "NFV Attestation report" SEC007 details SEC007 issue tracker
SEC008 "Security Monitoring report" SEC008 details SEC008 issue tracker
SEC009 "UCs for multi-layer host admin" SEC009 details SEC009 issue tracker
SEC010 "Retained Data Report" SEC010 details SEC010 issue tracker
SEC011 "LI Architecture Report" SEC011 details SEC011 issue tracker
SEC012 Arch for sensitive components - Spec SEC012 details SEC012 issue tracker
SEC013 Sec mgmt & Monitoring Spec SEC013 details SEC013 issue tracker
SEC014 "MANO Security Spec" SEC014 details SEC014 issue tracker
SOL001 "TOSCA-based NFV descriptors spec" SOL001 details SOL001 issue tracker
SOL002 "Ve-Vnfm RESTful protocols spec" SOL002 details SOL002 issue tracker
SOL003 "Or-Vnfm protocols spec" SOL003 details SOL003 issue tracker
SOL004 "VNF Package Stage 3" SOL004 details SOL004 issue tracker
SOL005 "Os-Ma-nfvo APIs" SOL005 details SOL005 issue tracker
SOL006 "YANG based NFV Descriptors spec" SOL006 details SOL006 issue tracker
SOL007 "NSD file structure spec" SOL007 details SOL007 issue tracker
SOL009 "MANO mgmt stage 3" SOL009 details SOL009 issue tracker
SOL010 "VNF snapshot pkg stage 3" SOL010 details SOL010 issue tracker
SOL011 "Or-Or Stage 3" SOL011 details SOL011 issue tracker
SOL012 "Protocol Spec for Policy Mgmt Intface" SOL012 details SOL012 issue tracker
SOL014 "VR_descriptor_stage_3" SOL014 details SOL014 issue tracker
SOL016 "MANO Stage 3 procedures spec" SOL016 details SOL016 issue tracker
SOL018 "CCM stage 3" SOL018 details SOL018 issue tracker
TST001 "Pre-deployment Validation report" TST001 details TST001 issue tracker
TST002 "Iop Testing Methodology report" TST002 details TST002 issue tracker
TST004 "NFVI_PATH_TEST report" TST004 details TST004 issue tracker
TST005 "VNF_snapshot_report" TST005 details TST005 issue tracker
TST006 "CICD & Devops report" TST006 details TST006 issue tracker
TST007 "VIM/VNFM Iop Testing Guidelines" TST007 details TST007 issue tracker

Login to the Issue Tracker

If you are an ETSI Member or Participant, use your existing ETSI OnLine (EOL) account (used to log into the ETSI Portal) to login to the ETSI NFV Issue Tracker.

If you have no EOL account, you have first to sign-up for a local account on the issue tracker.

Create local account: The ETSI NFV Issue Tracker is open to public, creating a local account only requires a username and a valid e-mail address, which is verified in the process.

New accounts have a "Reporter" role by default, which allows to submit new issues and view public issues.

Login Bug Tracker

Submitting a new Issue

Connect to the ETSI Issue Tracker and login. On the main screen choose project "NFV Specifications" and the sub-project for the corresponding GS document

Before submitting a new issue, please ensure that your issue has not already been reported by someone else. If it is the case, then the most appropriate manner to add information to the existing issue consist in adding a note, but unless necessary, avoid reporting a new issue.

To submit a new issue:

  1. In the appropriate sub-project click "Report Issue".
    Create Report.png

  2. In the form, choose the most appropriate category for the new issue (see table below):
    Create Report Form.png

  3. Select the latest version of the GS document that contains the issue.
  4. Provide a descriptive one-line summary of the issue.
  5. Provide a detailed description of the issue: What specific issue did you encounter and where? What would you have expected to find instead?
  6. Optionally, provide additional information. This is the field to put references to external documents, if any.
  7. Keep the "View Status" as "public"
  8. Click "Submit Report".

Issue categories:

Category Semantic
Bug Some aspect of the spec cannot be implemented as described.
Clarification Some aspect of the spec is ambiguous or unclear.
Feature Gap The specs are missing a feature (e.g. an operation, parameter) without which the described features cannot be implemented.

Monitoring an Issue

You can subscribe to receive email notifications for changes on existing individual issues by:

1) Login to the Issue tracker

2) Select the concerned draft on the top right list

3) Click on "View Issues"

4) Open the issue by clicking on the issue number

5) Click on the "Monitor" button to start receiving email notifications upon changes on the issue (state, etc..)

6) Click on the "End Monitoring" button to stop receiving email notifications upon changes on the issue

Monitoring an Issue

Monitoring a Draft

Any logged user can subscribe to receive new issue creation notifications by email.

1) Login to the Issue tracker

2) Select the draft you want to monitor on the top right list

3) Click on "Monitor project" to start receiving email notifications upon new issues creation for the selected draft

4) Click on "Stop monitoring project" to stop receiving email notifications for the selected draft

Monitoring a Draft