Network Function Acceleration

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PoC Team


China Telecom




Main Contact

Xia Jinwei, Huawei

PoC Demo

1, Lab in Huawei UK Institute which provides the doors open day for public;

2, Another exact venue to be confirmed but targeting NFV World Congress 2017


The proposal originates from the collaborative work of British Telecom, China Telecom, Huawei, Intel and Cavium. It succeeds and incorporates some new features missed in PoC#21, such as acceleration resource management, service chain acceleration, etc.

The project goals of the PoC are the following:

  • PoC Project Goal #1: Demonstrate the dynamic acceleration resource management used in NFV hardware acceleration environment.
  • PoC Project Goal #2: Demonstrate the service chain acceleration based on the VNF Forwarding Graphs use case.
  • PoC Project Goal #3: Demonstrate the APIs used to decouple the VNF software with underlying accelerators to meet VNF portability.

The accelerated scenarios demonstrated in the PoC include:

1. IPSec session setup acceleration; 2. IPSec traffic encryption/decryption acceleration; 3. Virtual BNG data plane offloading 4. Virtual CPE service function chain acceleration;

Furthermore, some further contributions toward NFV acceleration WIs in NFV stage 3 will result from the PoC project.

PoC Proposal