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ETSI NFV Telco Cloud Executive Roundtable #Copenhagen 2023

ETSI NFV has played a critical role in mobile operators' 4G/5G deployment, more than 70% of the 4G and 5G core network are deployed based on ETSI NFV specifications. ETSI NFV is the right place for Telco operators to bridge the CT carrier-grade requirements with the IT evolutionary cloud native practices. Without correct understanding of the telecom operator's heritage, simply reusing IT/open source solutions will lead to unstable services and unpredictable performance.

The Telco Cloud executive roundtable is hosted during the plenary meeting of NFV#43, where high-level representatives from operators, manufacturers, cloud stakeholders are invited to discuss the future evolution of Telco cloud-native and promote the unified ecosystem path for multi-SDOs, open sources and hyperscalers.

Date: Monday, September 18th, 2023, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Royal Conference Center, Center Blvd. 4, 2300 København, Copenhagen, Denmark




Topic Speaker Company Content Time
Opening Yoshihiro Nakajima ETSI NFV Chair Welcome and warm up 14:00-14:05
Gorkem Yigit Analysys Mason Analyst report: Where we are: Global telco cloud industry progress analysis 14:05-14:20
Operator's View Juan Carlos Garcia Telefonica Speeches on:

Telco cloud deployment progress, pain points and future plans.

Pål Grønsund Telenor 14:35-14:50
Emmanuel CHAUTARD Orange 14:50-15:05
Keisuke Suzuki Docomo 15:05-15:20
Roudntable discussion Chaired by

Janusz Pieczerak

ETSI NFV Vice Chair Online Survey and Open Discussion 15:20-16:00
Coffee Break 16:00-16:30
Vendor's view Hammad Zafar NEC Progress and Plan for Telco Cloud 16:30-16:45
Haopeng Zhu Huawei 16:45-17:00
Mohammad Zoualfaghari AWS 17:00–17:15
Panel discussion Moderater: Hui Deng

Panelists: Juan Carlos Garcia, Terje Jenson, Janusz Pieczerak, Keisuke Suzuki, Mohammad Zoualfaghari

ETSI NFV Vice Chair, Telefonica, Orange, Telenor, AWS and Docomo Challenges, Trends, Opportunities toward Next Decade of NFV 17:15-18:00
Summary Yoshihiro Nakajima Summary of roundtable 18:00-18:05

Presentation Materials:

Contributions for the Roundtable