VoLTE Service based on vEPC and vIMS Architecture

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PoC Team

China Unicom

ZTE Corporation


Main Contact

Chu Junsheng, ZTE chu.junsheng@ZTE.COM.CN

PoC Demo

China Unicom R&D Lab - 25 January 2015 - Beijing, China


This PoC aims at demonstrating the feasibility of end-to-end VoLTE service based on vEPC and vIMS architecture that can be running on multi-vendor NFV environment. With the SDN and packet processing accelerator technologies introduced, the controller plane and user plane of the vEPC Gateway (vSGW and vPGW) can be decoupled, and the DPDK and SR-IOV technologies can be introduced into the SDN-based forwarding equipments of data plane for high-speed data package processing in phase II of the PoC. In the demo, the NFV architecture framework, function blocks, information models and information flows can be validated; the life-cycle management of end-to-end VoLTE service running on multi-vendor NFV environment can be demonstrated; the VoLTE service environment monitoring, management and maintenance can be achieved; and the scaling or migration of vEPC VNFs and/or vIMS VNFs across multi-vendor VIMs can be tested while keeping the service availability.

PoC Proposal


Download PDF version

PoC Report

Interim Report (27/07/2015): NFVTST(15)000114_PoC_27_Interim_Report_on_VoLTE_Service_based_on_vEPC_and_vIM.docx

Final Report (20/10/2015): NFVTST(15)000137_Final_Report_PoC_27_VoLTE_Service_based_on_vEPC_and_vIMS_Arc.docx

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Hot Topics

This PoC has CONTRIBUTED to Hot Topic: HT#1 (EVE) Use of SDN in NFV architecture